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We are proud of our committed coffee: organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee

Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees

At Kabioca, we give priority to taste, without making any concessions on an ethical and responsible approach.
Kabioca coffees are therefore committed coffees, respecting the traditional culture throughout the chain. Since the selection of organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee producers up to our vegetable capsule.

AB logo and European organic label
Rainforest Alliance certification logo

These labels guarantee a lot. Both a decent income for farmers, but also a coffee without any chemical pesticides and GMOs for at least 5 years. A gentle and reasoned agriculture which does not attack cultivated land.
Rainforest Alliance works in more than 70 countries as a key link in the chain linking trade to agriculture and forests, bringing together different partners.

Tree frog serving as the logo of the Rainforest Alliance organizationTrust the little tree frog! This small animal is present on all continents. The tree frog is a sign of healthy ecosystems: it is therefore a natural barometer to follow!
This small logo is present (and to be followed too!) on all products that are respectful and committed to the Rainforest Alliance charter.

A revolutionary organic coffee capsule

To encapsulate our great vintages and organic coffee origins, we have made the choice of a responsible capsule: a vegetable capsule.
After long and complex stages of research and development, we have found the perfect formula!

A capsule made of corn starch, paper, a vegetable binder. Above all, a capsule that knows how to respect the aromas of our perfectly dosed coffee, while being 100% airtight for 24 months.

A drastic reduction in packaging

How can we promote our efforts to choose organic coffees, engage with the Rainforest Alliance and develop a vegetable capsule… if we don't apply our responsible requirements to the rest of our chain?

Kabioca Vegetable Organic Coffee Capsule

Vegetable capsule

Dematerialized invoice pictogram

Dematerialization of invoices

Recycled packaging pictogram

Recycled packaging

Zero carbon transport pictogram

Zero carbon transportation

Beyond our vegetable capsule and our organic coffee, we have chosen cardboard packaging from the recycling sector, for an environmental impact reduced to a minimum.

The same applies to the ribbons we use to close your package. From rolls of plastic-free adhesives, made of kraft paper and composed of natural glue, in no way affecting their effectiveness.

Also, at Kabioca, you will not find any paper invoice upon receipt of your package. Simply because the environmental cost of paper waste is disastrous.

Of course, all your billing information is viewable and printable in your Kabioca customer account, if you need it.

A carrier that shares our militant values

Choosing La Poste via its Colissimo service is not trivial, to ensure the logistical transport of our organic coffee capsules. La Poste shares the same concern for environmental impact as Kabioca and offers a 100% carbon-neutral approach.

Numerous actions have thus been implemented by Le Groupe La Poste for more than 20 years. Find all the commitments of the La Poste group by clicking on this link.

A responsible chain down to your cup.

To design our organic and responsible Kabioca coffee capsules, we analyzed the entire supply chain, striving to find the most respectful solutions, both for the taste of our coffee and for our environment:

Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees

A low-carbon supply chain

An FSC®-certified cardboard box

Our corporate CSR commitments

Beyond our organic and ethical coffee, Kabioca is a business. A team of close-knit and committed employees.
Today, we know that businesses have an essential role to play in building a more stable, more inclusive and more sustainable society.
Kabioca wishes to act as an actor of change towards a world more respectful of social and environmental issues and has therefore integrated CSR into its corporate strategy.

Our CSR approach is reflected in our various activities, through concrete actions and progress commitments on our four pillars:


Every day, we put high standards at the heart of our processes.
This involves defining the criteria, as well as rigorously validating and controlling the quality of our coffees. But also through innovation to improve the eco-responsibility of our products. Finally, we ensure the quality of life at work of our employees and respect for the integrity of each of our partners and suppliers.

Tomorrow, at the end of the year, we will have the hindsight to present you with a concrete analysis already implemented on these 4 pillars.
We will be able to commit to indicators that have already been tested, accompanied by examples and proof of our ability to respect them.

See you tomorrow to go further together.

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