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Selection of coffees 100% Arabica
Origin of grains: Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru and Colombia


A rich and smoky coffee capsule thanks to a "Dark" roasting to bring out the chocolate sweetness of our Arabica. Our blend has balanced acidity associated with a creamy sensation in the mouth, a slight taste of caramel and a hint of fruit. 


Kabioca is the story of coffee enthusiasts who did not want to have to choose between good, organic and our planet.
From this desire was born Kabioca, a selection of pre-dosed coffees that makes no concessions.
While drinking a cup of Kabioca, you enjoy a organic and fair trade coffee exceptional, preserved in its natural capsule and biodegradable following the tradition of espresso.
If you share our commitment, you now have a choice - that of Kabioca.


Our Nespresso compatible capsules can be reduced to compost in an industrial facility. During their manufacture, we use 98,8% of raw materials of renewable origin.


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