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Kabioca, a family coffee passion

3 coffee beans

Kabioca is a real human adventure
which begins (quite naturally) around
of a passion for coffee

At Kabioca, we love its smell, its taste, its aromas. This coffee moment.
The one roasted according to the rules of the art. Intense and delicate.
Because we are all united by this coffee passion at Kabioca...

“Kabioca is above all the story of a French, family-run SME of coffee enthusiasts. For us, coffee is consumed daily, alone or with others, at any time of the day. A long drink to wake up well, and keep all the aromas of coffee in your mouth for a long time. An espresso with colleagues after lunch, to start the afternoon meetings. A decaf before the aperitif, to savor all the aromas of a good coffee, without sacrificing a good night's sleep.

But in 2018, through an article in the newspaper, we realized that this passion for coffee was not only harmful to the environment, but also not very responsible towards the producers. Great coffee enthusiasts, we absolutely had to change our consumption. But difficult to reconcile a coffee of excellence with a totally responsible approach. So… as we didn't know it was impossible, well we did it: that's how Kabioca was born! »

Thomas Kaye. CEO of Kabioca.

Thomas, founder of the Kabioca coffee brand and coffee enthusiast, poses with a cup of coffee in his hand

An adventure, born from our desire to combine passion for coffee and responsible coffee…

A story in which we decided to commit ourselves as firmly to the quality of the content as to the quality of the container.
By acting in our own way to develop the aluminum capsule and its environmental impact.
By seeking the right balance, THE effective and responsible capsule.

To achieve this result, we multiplied the tests.
Learned from our failures, grown, advanced...
We searched, and are proud to have found!
A responsible and 100% vegetable capsule.
A 100% airtight container that meets our requirement for optimal preservation of coffee aromas for up to 2 years.
A coffee that carries with it all the aromas of our grands crus and all the subtleties of our Italian Master Roaster.

Our vegetable capsule, made from corn starch. Nespresso® compatible and 100% pleasure…

With remarkable performance: completely hermetic to water, air and light, it avoids oxidation of the coffee, preserves its aromas and all its subtleties.

Coffee grains

A team behind every coffee

Kabioca is above all a human adventure. That of a team of coffee lovers who one day wanted to bring together everything that mattered to them in a cup.
The happiness of a moment out of time. The coffee that is shared.
Even the one drunk in a few seconds between two doors, but which always offers us moments of pleasure. A coffee with subtle and intense aromas, without concession.
The alliance of our passion for coffee and our desire to consume more responsibly.

Kabioca, therefore, are distinctive, unique, carefully selected origins.
Beans roasted according to each cru, each type of plant, each subtlety by our Italian master roaster Roberto, (who jealously guards his roasting secrets).

A tasteful coffee, but also a responsible coffee, which preserves resources, our nature and the people who produce it.
This is why we select our coffees with great care. By choosing organic and sourcing from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.
Producers who respect nature, who reduce their environmental impact and guarantee that the taste of each coffee bean is respected.
Here is our coffee, pure and responsible pleasure.

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