About us

Kabioca is the story of coffee enthusiasts who did not want to have to choose between good, organic and our planet.

Knowing that the coffee lover begins at 17 and consumes 3 cups per day, the consumption of coffee per person is equivalent to more than cups 70 of coffee over an average lifetime.

This represents a lot of coffee, and potentially a lot of capsules, therefore of non-recycled waste. It is in the face of this observation that Kabioca decided to come into play with the desire to offer a coffee of excellence that is as good for us as for the planet.

The Kabioca team embarked on the search for a coffee made in the tradition of espresso but also in the composition of a unique natural and biodegradable capsule capable of preserving the aromas of coffee from light, air and humidity.

Our coffees have been created to become your daily break - strong and balanced, they can be consumed at any time of the day. Each one presents a panel of subtle tastes emanating from the know-how of the master roasters and a scrupulous selection of plantations and provenances.

Since our beginnings, Kabioca has more than 500 shared coffees, 7 countries delivered, nearly 300 capsules sold and ½ tonne of aluminum saved.