Our organically grown coffee is blended into a biodegradable, compostable, aluminum-free capsule. In addition to the ecological virtues of our capsules, we are committed to adopting an eco-friendly approach throughout our supply chain, from preparation to delivery of your order.

Coffee blossom

So we make sure reduce the environmental footprint of your package :

- Our cardboard packaging is made from recycled and recyclable papers.

- For closing parcels we use ecological adhesive rolls made of kraft paper and natural glue, these adhesives allow us to effectively close your parcel while respecting the environment.

- We favor the zero paper.This is why you will not find any transport documents or invoices in your parcel. These are available to you in dematerialized format.

  - For the transport of your parcel, we have chosen a partner who shares our approach by adopting a 100% carbon neutral solution:

Because an eco responsible purchase does not only concern the product, KABIOCA guarantees you a global and sound approach of consumption.