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the Kabioca plant-based capsule: a compostable coffee capsule

3 coffee beans

The aromas of our great blends in a responsible coffee capsule

You like a full-flavoured, subtle and delicate coffee. You like it easy to prepare, since you have a Nespresso® machine. And like us, you don't like to see aluminum coffee capsules invading your dustbin.

Welcome to Kabioca! A flavorful and responsible experience.

A plant-based capsule

A long phase of research and development, numerous capsules tested… and a great success led us to launch our plant-based coffee capsule!

The main constraints we set ourselves are now the main asset of this capsule:

  • compatible With Nespresso® machines
  • 100% airtight, to preserve the quality of the ground coffee for 24 months (our best before date)
  • 100% plant-based, with a cornstarch capsule, a plant-based glue and a natural cellulose seal

To top it all off, we use 98.80% renewable raw materials to make our compostable coffee capsule. This is the highest level of BioBased certification.

The aluminum coffee capsule represents 40,000 tons of waste worldwide every year!

Of these 40,000 tons, only 2,000 tons are recycled. According to Nespresso®, only 1 out of 5 coffee capsules is recycled. Worse, some of them are thrown away with the regular rubbish, buried or incinerated. Why not recycle them? Simply because separating the coffee grounds from the capsule after use, whatever the material used, is both complex and very expensive.

Our first realization was obvious: what if the capsule, like the coffee, was simply plant-based?

Coffee grains
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