Kabioca celebrates its one year anniversary,

Kabioca celebrates its one year anniversary,

One year ago, we at Kabioca received the first boxes of our finalized packaging and could finally enjoy the intense and complex taste of our work for the first time. With these boxes, we set up for our first exhibition in Paris and that’s how we started the growing success of our sales with the full Kabioca range.

This was the first milestone in our project. “The most effective way to manage change is to create it” – are the words of Peter Drucker which illustrate the spirit of our project.

The change came from our desire to enjoy a practical, organic and premium coffee without having to concede on environmental impact. With this in mind, we set off on our passionate quest for a great coffee but also a natural and sustainable capsule that offered the perfect performance, guaranteeing the perfect coffee break. Since that day we have shared hundreds of coffees with friends, partners, co-workers , customers – to arrive one year ago to our finalized product range for Kabioca. Enjoy the moment, live the future.

Since then, we have delivered more than 500 000 capsules throughout the world. That is as many moments shared and enjoyed around the world. Through this product we have also helped save more than half a ton of pure aluminium.

We would like to thank all our early adopters, our friends and customers for their help and support. It is also the opportunity for us to reflect on the hard work and cooperation we have received from our partners as well as other integral actors in the Kabioca team. Antoine and Norbert that have been at the forefront of presenting the products. Christina, Christine, Saran, Sharzad and Pascale have all helped in developing this product and making it come to life and ready for the years to come.

Now we are here with you, to continue this collective adventure in our pursuit to fuel a positive future …with excellent coffee

Kabioca, enjoy the moment, live the future

Kabioca, live the moment, live the future