What to do with your coffee grounds? Our 8 recycling tips!

What to do with your coffee grounds? Our 8 recycling tips!

Are you a fan of black beverages for breakfast, after lunch, or even in the afternoon? We understand you! If our capsules are natural and biodegradable, you regret throwing away all that amount of coffee grounds contained inside?

You wonder if it is possible to reuse your coffee grounds ? Good news, from now on you will no longer throw away your coffee grounds without giving it a second life!

Discover our 8 tips and natural uses to take advantage of coffee grounds.

Uses of coffee grounds in the home

Absorb bad smells from your refrigerator

Does your fridge smell bad every time you open the door and you don't have vinegar or baking soda on hand to hide the cheesy smell? Do not panic ! Place a jam jar or bowl containing coffee grounds at the bottom of your fridge.

The coffee grounds will have a deodorizing effect and will eliminate bad odors. Consider changing the marc dèjust what'it's getting too dry. Note that you can also rub your hands with coffee grounds after cutting a clove of garlic to neutralize odors. 

Remove fat from a pan

Did you know that coffee grounds are ideal for cleaning and degreasing a frying pan? This natural cleaner is indeed abrasive and absorbent and allows you to easily degrease your pans and kitchen utensils. To do this, put a little coffee grounds with a few drops of dish soap in the pan and rub lightly with a sponge.

Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes for the coffee grounds to absorb the fat. Remove with a sponge or absorbent paper then renew theexpErience and rinse.

Warning: the use of coffee grounds is not recommended for ceramic pans and non-stick poles.

Aging a sheet of paper

Just like tea, coffee grounds are great for giving a blank sheet of paper an aged look. Mix some marc with a little water then let your leaf soak for 1 minute and let it dry.

Finally, carefully remove the paper coffee grounds with absorbent paper.

Unclog your pipes

To remove plugs from your pipes, due to the accumulation of grease, without using corrosive products that are harmful to the environment, simply add coffee grounds in your sink. Then add a few drops of washing up liquid and 1 liter of boiling water on top.

This very simple trick allows you to prevent your pipes from becoming clogged and having to call on a plumber. 

The uses of coffee grounds in the garden

Repel snails and slugs

The coffee grounds turn out to be a formidable weapon to keep slugs and snails very easily from your plants. To do this, scatter coffee grounds around the plant. And that's all ! This natural and ecological anti-slug prevents you from spreading toxic products and pesticides in your garden. 

Changing the color of hydrangeas

Did you know that adding coffee grounds to pieds of your hydrangeas allows you to make them blue?

Indeed, coffee grounds change soil pH by increasing its acidity. To make your flowers turn blue, simply transform an alkaline soil with this natural method.

Strengthen your plants and enrich your compost

The use of coffee grounds is ideal in a garden. Some plants like roses, hydrangeas, strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes like theacidityé. Disperse coffee grounds directly on the ground or even with the water from your watering can. 

Also, if you have a vermicomposter to sort your organic waste, pEnse to throw and mix coffee grounds in your compost to improve it and make it a natural fertilizer very useful for bringing nitrogen to your vegetable garden. 

Keep cats away from plants

Félix loves to pee in your plants? No problem ! Mix coffee grounds with a few orange or lemon peels and regularly scatter the mixture in your flower pots or at the foot of your plants in the garden. This natural repellent barrier prevent animals from starting their stupid things again.

Cleaning product, natural scrub, natural wood dye, soil rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ... The virtues of coffee grounds are multiple both for domestic uses for beauty care or for maintaining your garden.

You can also choose to read your future at the bottom of your cup by interpreting the traces left by the coffee grounds, but this divination process is a little more complicated to explain to you and is outside our field of expertise!