What does a Kabioca organic coffee capsule contain?

What does a Kabioca organic coffee capsule contain?

Kabioca guarantees you a organic, compostable and fully biodegradable coffee capsule. What is it really ? What is the composition of our capsules and our coffee? Some explanations are in order for our consumers.

An eco-responsible organic coffee

What does the organic coffee appellation mean in concrete terms? Kabioca offers organic coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso type machines. These capsules offer organic coffee meeting very strict European standards:

  • Prohibition of the use of chemical or treatment fertilizers on soils where coffee beans are planted and has been for at least 5
  • Prohibition of using GMO seeds (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • Have soil preservation techniques from farmers
  • Once harvested, organic coffee beans must under no circumstances be mixed with non-organic coffee until roasting

Kabioca organic capsules respect these prerogatives in every way, thus allowing our capsules to claim the certified organic designation. If you want more information on the certification of Kabioca Bio capsules, click on the link.

A compostable capsule, without aluminum and biodegradable

The "revolution" proposed by Nespresso compatible capsules Kabioca is not to present any trace of aluminum, unlike Nespresso capsules to name only the most famous ... Many articles in the press indicate quite contradictory results, as this Liberation article explains.

At Kabioca you do not have this question to have, our capsules do not incorporate aluminum. The real innovation comes from the capsule itself. The capsule offered by Kabioca is made from natural and renewable products and can be fully integrated into industrial compost. Our organic capsules benefit from the Ok Compost certification.

Take the plunge and preserve the planet without changing your habits

If you are a fan Nespresso capsule machines, thanks to Kabioca and his organic and compostable capsules, it will always be possible for you to drink quality coffee while respecting the environment. This commitment is the cornerstone of Kabioca: to offer quality organic coffee, while respecting the planet.