What is slow coffee?

What is slow coffee?

For several years, speed, automation and electronics have been the order of the day when it comes to our coffee consumption. But at a time when vintage and retro are making a comeback in many areas, coffee is no exception.

Le slow coffee thus makes its big comeback on the front of the stage allowing to rediscover all the subtlety and the flavors of the good coffee of yesteryear.

What are the advantages of slow coffee?

At first glance, this name may not inspire you much. Slow coffee literally translates to "slow coffee", in other words, a gentle coffee extraction method. In practice, this may bring you back some memories: the coffee filters, the kettle or the essential good old coffee maker of your elders ... If you want to enjoy a tasty and tasty coffee, do not hesitate to get your hands on these old appliances, because Slow Coffee has many advantages.

This slow extraction method allows the coffee to reveal all its aromas. Results? It is a real explosion of flavor in the mouth. In the same way, Thanks to a longer infusion, Slow Coffee allows you to obtain a coffee that contains more caffeine.

But the main advantage of Slow Coffee is its adaptability. Indeed, you can, at your leisure, play with the flavors, aromas, intensity and acidity of the coffee. Thanks to an authentic extraction carried out manually, you can easily control the quantity of water and coffee, the temperature, the grinding or even the infusion time of your preparation. You can thus, thanks to one and the same method, make dozens of different recipes.

How to prepare a slow coffee?

Nothing better than a gentle method to extract all the subtlety and all the flavor of a good coffee. Preparing a slow coffee remains simple and accessible to everyone, but there are a few subtleties to know in order to obtain a perfect and tasty coffee.

As in all recipes, the choice of ingredients remains essential and essential to the successful completion of your slow coffee. Pay special attention to the coffee bean you choose. Indeed, the more it is roasted and dark, the more your coffee will be bitter and powerful. For slow coffee, choose a rather light bean that will be smoother and more balanced, and do not hesitate to buy your coffee from a roaster which will grind it with a finesse adapted to your material.

The second essential ingredient to prepare a slow coffee: water. It is an element to choose with care because water can quickly alter the taste of your coffee. Thus, we advise you to choose a mineral water of neutral taste. which will fully preserve the aromas and flavors of your ground coffee.

The success of your coffee now only depends on certain conditions, namely:

  • the time of extraction
  • the dosage of water and coffee
  • the temperature of the water used.
But this data is not universal and depends on the type of equipment and coffee maker you have.

What equipment to choose for a successful slow coffee

After having carefully selected the essential ingredients for the realization of your slow coffee, you will also need of a coffee maker designed for this method of extraction. There are different models of coffee makers provided for this purpose: with filter, piston and vacuum.

Updated, the filter machine is perfected. Elegant and modern, the main advantage of this type of model remains its ease of use. All you have to do is pour your ground coffee into the filter and then gradually add the water inside. Be sure to pour the water in a circle and also be careful that it does not flow through the coffee, yet. This first pre-infusion step lasts on average only one or two minutes. Then slowly pour in the rest of the water, always doing the same thing, taking care that it passes through the coffee and not on the sides. Some hourglass-shaped coffee makers use this same process in particular.

In French press, also called French Press the coffee is first brewed in hot water before being filtered using the piston. This type of model will give you a rather full-bodied and woody coffee very quickly: in just 3 or 4 minutes!

Last but not least, the vacuum machine, which we also find under the name of siphon coffee maker will delight the greatest coffee lovers. Unlike a All espresso brewing methods where speed is essential, here for a slow coffee with a vacuum coffee maker, allow between 10 and 30 minutes of preparation. Its operation is based on fluid mechanics and will allow you to serve both pure and light coffees.