Espresso, Hazelnut, Ristretto ..., find the different types of coffee in this guide

Espresso, Hazelnut, Ristretto ..., find the different types of coffee in this guide

Around 2,3 million cups of coffee are drunk every minute around the world! Black coffee, hazelnut coffee, cream coffee, ristretto, macchiato, latte, au lait, cappuccino, long, moccaccino… There are almost as many coffee recipes as there are drinkers. Many variations have emerged over time. Let's discover together 7 types of coffee. 

Black coffee or espresso

Also called espresso, the very strong little coffee that everyone knows is obtained from a percolation of ground coffee beans in a small amount of boiling water. Thus, for 7g of ground grains, count 30 to 60ml of hot water at 9 bars of pressure. This pressure is very important, because it is this which forms the fine golden foam on the top of the coffee that we appreciate so much.

La black coffee quality also depends on the machine you are using. This is because freshly ground beans will not reveal their aromas in the same way, depending on the device you are using. The right machines guarantee quality espressos.

Black coffee was originally invented by the English but has been perfected by the Italians who nickname it espresso (because of its speed of elaboration). The extraction time for a cup is between 20 and 25 seconds.

This convenient process and its high caffeine content have made it a favorite for the coffee break at work. Black coffee, as its name suggests is strong enough, it is aimed at lovers of pure coffee. Of course, you are free to add sugar or not to sweeten it.

cafe kabioca ristretto espresso creme

Ristretto coffee

As its name suggests in Italian (ristretto = tight) le Ristretto is tighter than the traditional espresso, the ristretto is also for those who like their strong coffees. The preparation of a ristretto is almost identical, except that the ristretto is much more in a hurry and requires half the water to make it. For 2g of ground coffee, count a maximum of 7ml of water. 

The ristretto is also a must for coffee break and breakfast to start the day.

Cream coffee

For people who would find too strong black coffee or ristretto, the cream coffee will bring you more sweetness. Cream coffee is actually an espresso to which cream has been added.

Produced with 60ml of espresso for 30ml of thick cream which melts on contact with the coffee, the cream coffee removes the full-bodied appearance of black coffee and giving it more smoothness without depriving it of its aromas.

Hazelnut coffee

Hazelnut coffee, also very popular with consumers, is an espresso to which you simply add a dash of milk. To achieve a small traditional hazelnut coffee, pour 15cl of coffee into a cup and add 1cl of milk. Your drink will then take on a pretty nutty color.

Macchiato coffee

Little brother of cappuccino, coffee macchiato consists of an espresso base dressed in a delicate milk foam. The latter, also called the milk microfoam technique, is composed of tiny bubbles giving it a lot of creaminess. This foam is obtained after an injection of pressurized steam into the milk.

kabioca cafe marchiaddo

Le macchiato coffee is traditionally served in a large cup where you first pour a double or short espresso, then milk froth and sometimes a hint of milk. For the greediest, it is also possible to add small chocolate shavings or cocoa powder on the foam. 


Cappuccino is often appreciated for its sharp sweetness with stronger coffees. Usually served in a large cup, it is made up of 3 ingredients in equal parts: an espresso, milk and milk froth.

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Thus, for 60ml of espresso we will add 60ml of hot milk then 60ml of milk froth on top. You can also sprinkle the whole thing with a touch of cocoa, for even more indulgence. 

The hit coffee

The smoothie is the refreshing version of espresso, ideal on hot summer days. This simply consists of 60ml of cold coffee served with ice cubes (and sugar according to everyone's taste) to obtain a thirst-quenching drink.

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Whatever shape you want, Kabioca coffees with their rich flavors, and their balanced body allows you to develop the base express or lungo from your favorite coffee

The flavor of your coffee also depends on the varieties chosen: arabica, robusta .. but also of its origin and its roasting.

Whether you prefer a strong coffee, a latte, a cappuccino, a mocha (more often called chocolate coffee in France), there is bound to be the coffee that suits your palate and your tastes.

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