Kabioca coffee organic capsule

"The cafe on the terrace"

Did you know that there are more than 300 cafes and restaurants in France? Of which almost 000 in intramural Paris?

For almost two and a half months, it was forbidden for bars, cafes and restaurants to welcome and serve their customers. This period thus marked an imposed break in the French love story with the terrace café.

But since 1ere June, everyone can relight this flame.

After the provisional cycle paths, in Paris from 1ere June - the creation / extension of coffee terraces is in place. It was the solution proposed in particular to allow cafetiers and restaurateurs to compensate for the loss of space related to health instructions and to reassure customers.

Building on its success, and in order to support the activity of this professional category, the town hall of Paris even allowed the extension of this measure until September 30.

So - "P'tit café on the terrace?" "

And why at Kabioca are we talking about terraced cafes?

Because at Kabioca, we love coffee, whether it's at home, at the counter or in the office. We love this quick moment shared in town, or the long hours spent watching people go alone or in a group

We love these moments of conviviality shared with friends and even with strangers. It's less a matter of taste - Russian roulette that bar coffee can be! –That a question of sharing.

So we are happy to see our friends the restaurateurs reopen their doors and have access to these terraces and we wish them a lot of courage for the recovery and give them all our support!

You can always go home afterwards and enjoy a Kabioca espresso - extracted in the rules of the art, the result of our work of selecting origins and a perfect mastery of roasting. A good and organic coffee. And finally, because this period has underlined our environmental impact - you will know that the Kabioca capsule, 100% natural and bio-based 4 stars is biodegradable and compostable.

Kabioca, live the moment, let's live the future.