Kabioca supports environment day

Kabioca supports environment day

Le 5 JuneIs the world environment day.

This day, born in 1972 at the Stockholm conference organized by the UN to raise awareness of environmental issues, was first celebrated in 1974 under the slogan "One planet Earth".

Since then, it has become a real global communication platform, aiming to highlight the various environmental policies and highlight citizen initiatives for the protection of the environment.


After five decades devoted, among other things, to drinking water and sanitation, the prevention of natural disasters, biodiversity and the fight against pollution, 2021 marks the launch of the United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration, hosted this year by Pakistan.

Forests and trees, cities, oceans and coastal areas, our planet is teeming with of ecosystems to protect. Every year, 4,7 million hectares of forest around the world are destroyed, equivalent to an entire country and greenhouse gas emissions have increased fourfold in 4 years.

And the coffee industry is partly responsible, since 40 tonnes of aluminum capsules (the equivalent of four Eiffel Towers) are thrown in the trash every year, of which only 000 in 1 are recycled. This is not to mention the particularly polluting machines sometimes used for the production of coffee beans.

This is why, at KABIOCA, we have chosen to offer eco-responsible coffee, good for the planet, but without ever sacrificing taste pleasure. We have reimagined an everyday gesture. We have recreated a 100% efficient and airtight capsule, but 100% natural for an espresso percolated to perfection with a reduced environmental impact. Besides a coffee from biological agriculture and biodegradable and compostable capsule, we strive to reduce the environmental footprint throughout the supply chain, as evidenced by our certifications Rainforest Alliance et OK Compost. The compost created will be able to restore the reserves of materials used for the production of the capsule.


Why not join the #GenerationRestoration ?

You can take part in the initiative at your scale, for example by changing your consumption habits and opting for sustainable labeled products in order to reduce the local and global environmental footprint.

Replacing your aluminum capsules with biodegradable capsules is already a first step, because they will disintegrate on their own after 6 months to 2 years, without releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere. At the level of 2 coffees per day, this saves nearly 1 kg of aluminum per year!

To go even further and participate in the restoration of ecosystems, you can throw away your KABIOCA capsules with your organic or green waste. Sent to industrial composting plants, they will biodegrade in 12 weeks, return to the soil and improve soil fertility.