Kabioca launches its range of organic and eco-responsible coffee in a new format

Kabioca launches its range of organic and eco-responsible coffee in a new format

Our initial ideal was simple: to offer a coffee that is good, organic and respectful of the environment Today our ambition goes further, we would like to offer a daily coffee that represents both a moment of pleasure and a gesture for The world of tomorrow.

That's why We looked at everything - compared everything. We tasted hundreds of coffees, tried dozens of capsules - then we came to the box.

We did a market research - the standard was the box per 10 Nespresso compatible capsules. But now, we had been working for a year to offer a product that would be consumed on a daily basis and whose goal is to reduce our consumption of resources and our environmental impact - we could not develop boxes of 10 capsules. It wouldn't even last a week! So we left on 50.

Except that at that moment, without warning, the stepmother arrived:

Mother-in-law: "I don't know which one I'm going to like - so I don't want to buy 50"

Kabioca: "That's why we offer the multipack dear madam - so you can discover which ones you like"

Mother-in-law: "What if I love four?" Do you want me to buy 200 for myself? "

Kabioca: * sweats *  

Either the mother-in-law made a buzz in the dark net, or quite simply other people had the same thought. Indeed, some of them gave us this feedback - the box of 50, well it was too much at once, and if we had 2 or 3, it took up too much space in the kitchen.

Neither one nor two we went back to work - not that we were unemployed in the meantime (see Kabioca in the jungle of the Café). So we started looking for a new box. We redone the calculations, worked on industrialization - to optimize the filling of the cardboard:

Ok for a smaller box, but it should be as full as possible - again to avoid excessive use of resources.

And here it is, we are proud to present the newcomers to the range.



The same capsule, the same coffees chosen with care and attention for a real espresso, but in a box of 20.

100% recyclable cardboard box made from paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. So much care and attention for the coffee and for the planet - but in a smaller package.