Kabioca joins the RainForest Alliance program to offer biodegradable capsules that meet ecological standards

KABIOCA in the Coffee Jungle

Kabioca is committed to nature and to sustainable development - with the transformation of its range to the Rainforest Alliance label.

Our natural capsule, produced with more than 95% renewable energies and raw materials, represents a major step towards less impactful consumption for the environment. It is biodegradable and compostable and contains organically grown coffee - without the use of chemical pesticides. But we don't stop there, to offer our daily consumption a coffee - good, organic and without impact on the environment. For a year now, we have been working on the evolution of our range so that our coffee capsules are always as good to taste, and better for the environment. 

Always without concessions, always more committed.

This is why we have sourced our coffees from Rainforest Alliance labeled farms. We have worked on blends and roasting to offer you, again and again, a coffee of character.

Rainforest Alliance works in more than 70 countries at the intersection of trade, agriculture and forestry, bringing together different partners. This alliance aims to change the way the world produces, sources and consumes. Working with producers, forest communities, businesses and consumers, we are working together towards a future where “positive consumption” is the new normal, partnering with consumers to change their lifestyles and commit to doing so. of the best choice a habit.

This alliance also represents the project of a vision of the path towards sustainability based on transparency and the sharing of responsibilities between producers, foresters and companies to fulfill our mission. It is this vision that Kabioca supports and shares by committing to this label.

At Kabioca, we believe that we are thus taking a new step in our sustainable development approach based on continuous improvement to achieve these objectives and give full meaning to our eco-responsible brand identity.


Did you know ?

The frog on the label is a tree frog.

Tree frogs are found on every continent - except Antarctica. Their presence is a sign that the natural ecosystem is balanced and vigorous. In short, the tree frog is a natural barometer of a healthy planet where man and nature thrive in harmony.