Global Recycling Day

Kabioca supports World Recycling Day

A day that grows stronger

March 18 is World Day of Recycling, day during which strong messages are conveyed and concrete actions launched to raise awareness among the general public and young people. Ccreated by the Bureau of International Recycling, in 2018, it "exists » our United States, under the name "  Global Recycling Day »Since 1994. Today it covers the following issues:

  • avoid burial and incineration,
  • promote reuse and recycling 100% material. 

A situation to be addressed at the global level

The Earth's resources are limited and their consumption is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, resources are gradually being depleted. 2 billion tonnes of waste per year, or 740 grams per day per inhabitant, this is what the world population is currently producing, which is grow. Du progress a been done, and ceach year the recovery of discarded materials thus saves 700 million tonnes of CO2*. This compensates the equivalent of annual emissions from international aviation.  

This same performance allows to avoid wasting natural resources and providing 40% of the world's material needs. Households, industries, governments, businesses of all sizes: everyone's mobilization is therefore necessary to respond to the urgency of the situation.  

In France, efforts to continue:

In France, on 38 million tonnes of household waste discarded, only 35% of recyclable materials are effectively recycled And take the example of Austria, world champion of the sector which recycles 63% of the products used (a ranking in which France, with 35% of recycled materials, is 9th.)  

Consuming is making a choice that has an impact on Earth and Man. While purchasing, each consumer has the power to choose and act for a more or less green planet. Faced with the slowness of the establishment of adequate treatment structures for capsules containing all or part of plastic, lacquer and aluminum in addition to coffee, KABIOCA offers a solution of capsules coffee , 100% natural Nespresso compatibles, biodegradables and compostables.

In addition the coffee is organic, and certified Rainforest AllianceRespect for natural resources throughout the development chain of our product. We made the practical choice, without concession, a good, organic and responsible coffee. 

The opportunity to make a gesture:

Today's World Recycling Day reminds us of the impact of recycling and what we can do to conserve our resources. 

We therefore wish to provide our support et, at our humble level, highlighting the work and initiatives #GlobalRecyclingDay.

Why not become, for a day, a #RecyclingHeroes - organize a waste collection in a park or forest. Or a tour local to the recycling center?

Friendliness is also the sharing of values ​​and mutual aid. And even if it's cold outside, you can still take a break with a coffee?