Confinement and teleworking: how to digitize the coffee break?

Confinement and teleworking: how to digitize the coffee break?

A privileged break in a working day, the coffee break is a moment that feels good. This is an opportunity to communicate with colleagues and share information in a more informal way than in a meeting.

But with the crisis we have been experiencing for a year, we have had to adapt. Distancing measures and increased teleworking, the virtues of coffee break in business are becoming increasingly rare.

So, how can you continue to have a social life around a coffee with colleagues, when you work from home? Kabioca offers you some tips to digitize your coffee break.


We have long known the virtues of the ritual of the coffee break in business: efficiency, intellectual boost, exchange of ideas, moment of relaxation ... Moreover, today a majority of French employees believe that it is essential to their well-being.

However, with current modes of collaboration, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our habits have been changed. To maintain the link between employees during confinement, some companies do not hesitate to use augmented reality to materialize a common 3D space where employees can meet to communicate and take a break.

More pleasant than a Hangouts, for an Skype, or one Zoom connected, these new tools allow qualitative exchanges between colleagues through the use of virtual reality headsets.


More commonly used than virtual reality, screens interposed between employees make it possible to share a coffee in order to “talk about everything except work”. If the "Call café" offers a solution to maintain contact with the outside, the smell of a good arabica or robusta coffee embalming the break room, is all the same lacking.

Until researchers can add olfactory sensations to the digital world, to carry out videoconferences with the odor ofAll espresso brewing methods, teleworkers will have to be content with discussions through their computer screens, to feel less isolated and maintain regular communication between employees.


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To bring pleasure to discussions, maintain a social link, and perpetuate the continuity of business activity, it seems necessary to set up new rituals for digital coffee breaks:

  • To create new habits, do not hesitate to plan as many time slots for your coffee breaks, whether it is every day or several times a week.
  • Use a collaborative video conferencing tool like Hangouts, Teams, Zoom, FaceTime or Skype for example.
  • Define the rules of the game for your virtual coffee break: duration, subjects not to be discussed, respective speaking times ...
  • Get in the mood by actually having a coffee.
  • While this is not the time to deal with a particular business topic, such as an agenda or a report, it does allow messages to be passed in an informal and unstructured way.
  • You can also set up a chat as a vehicle for informal exchange, allowing you to liven up your discussions with emojis.


For a coffee break Worthy of the name, the quality of the coffee is essential and the employees are particularly sensitive to it. Remote work can lead to isolation, so it is important to ensure that your employees are in a positive dynamic and to consolidate links.

Note that the law provides, despite confinement, that companies can ensure good working conditions for their employees, by covering various expenses, such as, for example, the cost of equipment necessary for teleworking or various supplies. .

Thus, at a time when the well-being of "teleworking" is essential, providing quality coffee to its employees to offer them an ethical coffee break, wherever they are, can also contribute to their professional performance and development of your business ...

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