Coffee-based cocktails: the summer trend!

Coffee-based cocktails: the summer trend!

Coffee, everyone loves it, whether it's black or milk, hot, when you wake up or throughout your working day. But have you ever tested cold coffee cocktails?  Discover the new trend! Here is our small selection of coffee-based cocktails, to delight your taste buds this summer.  

The classic cold coffee, also called iced coffee

Simple and effective, the iced coffee, also named Ice coffee, turns out to be the perfect combo for rush days. If you are a big coffee lover, you will undoubtedly enjoy this recipe, which will only take you a few minutes.

Prepare your express and let it cool in a tall glass. Meanwhile, take out another glass, add a lot of ice cubes, and then pour in coffee shots. Great coffee lovers, go for it, you will not be disappointed by this great discovery.

The famous iced caramel macchiato

For the greediest, opt for the popular iced caramel macchiato. This drink combines the strength of coffee and the sweetness of milk and caramel. Do you want to reproduce this cocktail? Here is our recipe. As for the previous recipe, first prepare your coffee, and let it cool.

On the sides of a second glass, pour the caramel coulis, then add the milk, coffee and a few ice cubes. That's it, your frozen caramel macchiato is ready to be savored!

Virgin mojito coffee

As you most certainly know, the mojito remains the big star of cocktails during the summer season. Whether it is mint or strawberry, it unleashes passions. Discover today its coffee-based and alcohol-free version! Prepare your espresso coffee and let it cool down. Next to it, in a tall glass, crush a few mint leaves, add 1 cl of cane sugar, squeeze 1 lemon juice and add 1/2 teaspoon of powdered ginger.

Place a few ice cubes or a little crushed ice in the glass, add 9 cl of lemonade and 9 cl of Perrier then gently pour your espresso coffee above. Decorate it all, with a few beautiful leaves of fresh mint that you will put on top and a slice of lemon on the edge of the glass. Voila, you can enjoy your Virgin mojito at the cafe!

The choco Marshmallow iced coffee 

The drink for gourmets par excellence, which combines milk chocolate and coffee. Do you want to reproduce the drink of your summer? Simply make your milk chocolate as you would for your breakfast, before adding small marshmallows that will melt in the preparation. Pour in the coffee that you have prepared beforehand, the ice cubes, then mix everything.

In another glass, place chocolate coulis on the sides, pour the cocktail, decorate with whipped cream and small marshmallows. Our little tip: you can replace the chocolate coulis with coffee coulis if you are a big fan of this aroma.

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