Kabioca coffee: a capsule at reduced environmental cost

Kabioca coffee: a capsule at reduced environmental cost

At Kabioca we have one fixed idea: to provide exceptional coffee without compromising on taste, while having a reduced environmental impact. From the moment of harvesting the coffee through its tasting, to finally return to the earth in the form of compost, we strive to make our coffee in organic capsules fair and especially respecting the environment as much as possible.

So we analyzed the entire logistics chain to create a responsible organic coffee capsule. From the choice of coffee, through our boxes, our capsules and even our website and our servers, we strive to find solutions that respect our planet.  

A fair and fair organic coffee capsule

Our organic coffees are carefully selected to guarantee a decent income for farmers, but above all a coffee that does not use no pesticides, GMOs for at least 5 years. A gentle and reasoned agriculture which does not attack cultivated land.

A revolutionary capsule, totally industrially compostable

The great innovation of Kabioca capsules lies in the choice of its capsule itself, but also a drastic reduction in packaging. The use of these materials in no way affects the ability of Kabioca capsules to deliver perfectly dosed coffee to you. The Nespresso Kabioca compatible organic capsules are completely biodegradable and also compostable in industrial compost. Industrial composting of the capsules takes place over a 12-week cycle and ultimately has no environmental impact. Kabioca coffees are certified Ok Compost and are manufactured with 98,8% of raw materials of renewable origin. Otherwise our Yuka score is 100/100!

In order to respect the recycling cycle, all you need to do is place your used Kabioca capsules in the organic bin (usually green) for recycling waste, they will then be placed in a industrial recycling and will end their life in compost, reusable by our farmers.

Cardboard packaging of your packages from the recyclable sector

The packaging of your package upon delivery was chosen to respect the environment. Resulting from recycling, we thus guarantee an environmental impact reduced to its maximum. The same goes for the adhesive tapes we use to seal your package. These are ecological adhesive rolls made of kraft paper and natural glue, in no way affecting their effectiveness.

You will not find any paper invoice upon receipt of your Kabioca package. We have decided to no longer generate paper invoices, the environmental cost of which is disastrous. All this information can be viewed and printed in your Kabioca customer account, we have made the militant choice to dematerialize all paper invoices.

A carrier that shares our militant values

Our choice of our logistics partner, La Poste via its Colissimo service is not trivial. La Poste shares the same concern for environmental impact as Kabioca. The latter therefore shares our approach by adopting a 100% carbon neutral approach. Numerous actions have been implemented by La Poste Group for more than 20 years, find all the commitments of the La Poste group by clicking on this link.

A less energy-consuming website, optimized servers

Final moment to propose our Nespresso compatible organic coffee capsules, our website. We are working tirelessly to have a light and optimized website whose ecological impact is reduced to its strictest extent. The same goes for our servers, we made the choice of the company OVH, a French company based in Roubaix, world number 3 and whose ecological approach has been accepted for several years.

Photo credit: Next Impact

In this context, OVH is working to reduce the environmental impact of its servers, in particular by having developed a technique for cooling its servers with water, thus reducing its energy consumption by almost 30%.

When you choose Bio Kabioca capsules, it is not just quality organic coffee you are choosing, it is also a militant ecological act!