Baristas: the coffee artists

Baristas: the coffee artists

If this word is commonly usedé in Anglo-Saxon countries and in Italy for désign a person spécaf specialisté, the méthird of this caf sommelieré remain relatively méknown to the general public Françwoes.

From the almost complete torréfaction à the PRéparation and à the development of cafés, passing through the formations nénecessary to become a Barista, délet's cover this pretty profession together où artistic know-how constitutes the'one of the most famous facets of méanimal.

The barista, a passionate artist

In Italian, the word barista means "bartender". Yet the barista, in a coffee shop is more than just a server. It is to espresso, cappuccino and Slow Coffee, what the sommelier is to wine, because he knows the universe, the different vintages and specialties and the varieties.

The baristas, in addition to a perfect knowledge of specialty coffees, perfectly master the difféannuities espresso machines, filters and mills à grains, to extract the maximum possible flavor and révéler to the fair all the arômy coffeeé séselectioné. Between the grain torréfié and the cup of coffeeé, the coffee makers canètooth indeed, a véritable know-how combining technicality (in particular for roasting and'coffee extractione), sense of service and creativity.

Baristas are true enthusiasts, knowing how to choose the best grains to meet the aromas desired by their customers and adjust the densityé to achieve un café more or less full-bodied. In addition to its knowledge of extraction, sensory analysis, etc., most of the cafethird parties are also endowed with a strong sensitivityartistic and of great dexterity, allowing them to achieve magnificent Latte Art.

There are d'elsewhere important compétitions bringing together the best baristas from around the world, such as the World barista championship or the French championships Cup Tasters, Brewer's Cup and Roasting. These évéevents allow candidates toéshow their expertise and leading to great opportunitiesés professional.

“As in cooking, roasting is cooking. It's a highly technical art in which you also need a lot of sensitivity and a bit of magic. ”
Alain Ducasse

How to become a barista?

The Barista has for some yearséare the wind in their sails in France and many are the postulants to the métier. While everyone has their own history and personal journey, there is no'there is no clear pathé to become a barista, know that many barista training are dispensedéare within'edschools spécialisées, in France or à l'edforeigner. We N'we will name only two, but you will be able toès certainly find dozens of'others on search engines, mostly intégrées à coffee brandsé.

The famous Latte Art made by the Baristas.

So, the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) cronee in 2005, which representséfeel the diff professionalséfili annuitiesècoffee resé in the world, offers éalso the possibilityé to train in métier and acquélaugh oneémore in-depth hension of coffee world.

In France, the Caféothèthat située à Paris is à both a space ofédié to la roasting and sale of coffees, but also offers a professional training of 30 hours to learn the basics of barista profession. Barista roaster training allows to'acquélaugh at solid compétechnical skills but also théorics like l'analysis of coffee quality, éstudy the production specifications à the cup, connaîbe scrupulously the conditions éecological and géographic in which have été cultivés the beans from coffee trees to be able to advise the client as well as possibleèthem.

Whateveréschool or training chosen, if you want to train yourself to achieve good coffeeés, know that you will need to technicalityé (transformation, cooking of beans in coffeeé torréfié, machine maintenance), d'analysis and d'a commercial spirit (for éstudy the marketé, choose the right products, réalign and follow a business plan).

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