Kabioca coffee: a capsule at reduced environmental cost


At Kabioca we have one fixed idea: to provide exceptional coffee without compromising on taste, while having a reduced environmental impact. From the moment of harvesting the coffee through its tasting, to finally return to the earth in the form of compost, we strive to make our coffee in organic capsules fair and especially respecting the environment as much as possible.

So we analyzed the entire logistics chain to create a responsible organic coffee capsule. From the choice of coffee, through our boxes, our capsules and even our website and our servers, we strive to find solutions that respect our planet.  

A fair and fair organic coffee capsule

Our organic coffees are carefully selected to guarantee a decent income for farmers, but above all a coffee that does not use no pesticides, GMOs for at least 5 years. A gentle and reasoned agriculture which does not attack cultivated land.

A revolutionary capsule, totally industrially compostable

The great innovation of Kabioca capsules lies in the choice of its capsule itself, but also a drastic reduction in packaging. The use of these materials in no way affects the ability of Kabioca capsules to deliver perfectly dosed coffee to you. The Nespresso Kabioca compatible organic capsules are completely biodegradable and also compostable in industrial compost. Industrial composting of the capsules takes place over a 12-week cycle and ultimately has no environmental impact. Kabioca coffees are certified Ok Compost and are manufactured with 98,8% of raw materials of renewable origin. Otherwise our Yuka score is 100/100!

In order to respect the recycling cycle, all you need to do is place your used Kabioca capsules in the organic bin (usually green) for recycling waste, they will then be placed in a industrial recycling and will end their life in compost, reusable by our farmers.

Cardboard packaging of your packages from the recyclable sector

The packaging of your package upon delivery was chosen to respect the environment. Resulting from recycling, we thus guarantee an environmental impact reduced to its maximum. The same goes for the adhesive tapes we use to seal your package. These are ecological adhesive rolls made of kraft paper and natural glue, in no way affecting their effectiveness.

You will not find any paper invoice upon receipt of your Kabioca package. We have decided to no longer generate paper invoices, the environmental cost of which is disastrous. All this information can be viewed and printed in your Kabioca customer account, we have made the militant choice to dematerialize all paper invoices.

A carrier that shares our militant values

Our choice of our logistics partner, La Poste via its Colissimo service is not trivial. La Poste shares the same concern for environmental impact as Kabioca. The latter therefore shares our approach by adopting a 100% carbon neutral approach. Numerous actions have been implemented by La Poste Group for more than 20 years, find all the commitments of the La Poste group by clicking on this link.

A less energy-consuming website, optimized servers

Final moment to propose our Nespresso compatible organic coffee capsules, our website. We are working tirelessly to have a light and optimized website whose ecological impact is reduced to its strictest extent. The same goes for our servers, we made the choice of the company OVH, a French company based in Roubaix, world number 3 and whose ecological approach has been accepted for several years.

Photo credit: Next Impact

In this context, OVH is working to reduce the environmental impact of its servers, in particular by having developed a technique for cooling its servers with water, thus reducing its energy consumption by almost 30%.

When you choose Bio Kabioca capsules, it is not just quality organic coffee you are choosing, it is also a militant ecological act!


Kabioca launches its range of organic and eco-responsible coffee in a new format


Our initial ideal was simple: to offer a coffee that is good, organic and respectful of the environment Today our ambition goes further, we would like to offer a daily coffee that represents both a moment of pleasure and a gesture for The world of tomorrow.

That's why We looked at everything - compared everything. We tasted hundreds of coffees, tried dozens of capsules - then we came to the box.

We did a market research - the standard was the box per 10 Nespresso compatible capsules. But now, we had been working for a year to offer a product that would be consumed on a daily basis and whose goal is to reduce our consumption of resources and our environmental impact - we could not develop boxes of 10 capsules. It wouldn't even last a week! So we left on 50.

Except that at that moment, without warning, the stepmother arrived:

Mother-in-law: "I don't know which one I'm going to like - so I don't want to buy 50"

Kabioca: "That's why we offer the multipack dear madam - so you can discover which ones you like"

Mother-in-law: "What if I love four?" Do you want me to buy 200 for myself? "

Kabioca: * sweats *  

Either the mother-in-law made a buzz in the dark net, or quite simply other people had the same thought. Indeed, some of them gave us this feedback - the box of 50, well it was too much at once, and if we had 2 or 3, it took up too much space in the kitchen.

Neither one nor two we went back to work - not that we were unemployed in the meantime (see Kabioca in the jungle of the Café). So we started looking for a new box. We redone the calculations, worked on industrialization - to optimize the filling of the cardboard:

Ok for a smaller box, but it should be as full as possible - again to avoid excessive use of resources.

And here it is, we are proud to present the newcomers to the range.



The same capsule, the same coffees chosen with care and attention for a real espresso, but in a box of 20.

100% recyclable cardboard box made from paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. So much care and attention for the coffee and for the planet - but in a smaller package.


What does a Kabioca organic coffee capsule contain?


Kabioca guarantees you a organic, compostable and fully biodegradable coffee capsule. What is it really ? What is the composition of our capsules and our coffee? Some explanations are in order for our consumers.

An eco-responsible organic coffee

What does the organic coffee appellation mean in concrete terms? Kabioca offers organic coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso type machines. These capsules offer organic coffee meeting very strict European standards:

  • Prohibition of the use of chemical or treatment fertilizers on soils where coffee beans are planted and has been for at least 5
  • Prohibition of using GMO seeds (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • Have soil preservation techniques from farmers
  • Once harvested, organic coffee beans must under no circumstances be mixed with non-organic coffee until roasting

Kabioca organic capsules respect these prerogatives in every way, thus allowing our capsules to claim the certified organic designation. If you want more information on the certification of Kabioca Bio capsules, click on the link.

A compostable capsule, without aluminum and biodegradable

The "revolution" proposed by Nespresso compatible capsules Kabioca is not to present any trace of aluminum, unlike Nespresso capsules to name only the most famous ... Many articles in the press indicate quite contradictory results, as this Liberation article explains.

At Kabioca you do not have this question to have, our capsules do not incorporate aluminum. The real innovation comes from the capsule itself. The capsule offered by Kabioca is made from natural and renewable products and can be fully integrated into industrial compost. Our organic capsules benefit from the Ok Compost certification.

Take the plunge and preserve the planet without changing your habits

If you are a fan Nespresso capsule machines, thanks to Kabioca and his organic and compostable capsules, it will always be possible for you to drink quality coffee while respecting the environment. This commitment is the cornerstone of Kabioca: to offer quality organic coffee, while respecting the planet.



KABIOCA in the Coffee Jungle

Kabioca is committed to nature and to sustainable development - with the transformation of its range to the Rainforest Alliance label.


A medal for KABIOCA

The Kabioca espresso, a blend of South American arabica that has been roasted slightly to ensure the richness of the aromas, won the Epicure de Bronze 2020.


Kabioca celebrates its one year anniversary,

Cattherine GUAY

One year ago, we at Kabioca received the first boxes of our finalized packaging and could finally enjoy the intense and complex taste of our work for the first time. With these boxes, we set up for our first exhibition in Paris and that’s how we started the growing success of our sales with the full Kabioca range.

"The best way to foresee the future is to create it" these are the words of Peter Drucker which perfectly illustrate the spirit of our project.

The change came from our desire to enjoy a practical, organic and premium coffee without having to concede on environmental impact. With this in mind, we set off on our passionate quest for a great coffee but also a natural and sustainable capsule that offered the perfect performance, guaranteeing the perfect coffee break. Since that day we have shared hundreds of coffees with friends, partners, co-workers , customers – to arrive one year ago to our finalized product range for Kabioca. Enjoy the moment, live the future.

Since then, we have delivered more than 500 capsules worldwide; these are all moments shared and appreciated. So, without compromising on quality, we have spared the use of half a ton of aluminum.

We would like to thank all our early adopters, our friends and customers for their help and support. It is also the opportunity for us to reflect on the hard work and cooperation we have received from our partners as well as other integral actors in the Kabioca team. Antoine and Norbert that have been at the forefront of presenting the products. Christina, Christine, Saran, Sharzad and Pascale have all helped in developing this product and making it come to life and ready for the years to come. 

This anniversary is also for us the opportunity to look back to observe the progress made, on the long hours of work and collaboration with our partners who have supported us in our project. Finally our teams, Norbert and Antoine, who were at the front for the presentation of our product. But also, Christina, Christine, Saran, Sharzad and Pascale who have largely participated in the creation and development of our coffee so that it meets the highest standards in terms of quality, performance and taste.

Kabioca, enjoy the moment, live the future

Kabioca, live the moment, live the future 


"The cafe on the terrace"

Brigitte LECLECH

Did you know that there are more than 300 cafes and restaurants in France? Of which almost 000 in intramural Paris?

For almost two and a half months, it was forbidden for bars, cafes and restaurants to welcome and serve their customers. This period thus marked an imposed break in the French love story with the terrace café.

But since 1ere June, everyone can relight this flame.

After the provisional cycle paths, in Paris from 1ere June - the creation / extension of coffee terraces is in place. It was the solution proposed in particular to allow cafetiers and restaurateurs to compensate for the loss of space related to health instructions and to reassure customers.

Building on its success, and in order to support the activity of this professional category, the town hall of Paris even allowed the extension of this measure until September 30.

So - "P'tit café on the terrace?" "

And why at Kabioca are we talking about terraced cafes?

Because at Kabioca, we love coffee, whether it's at home, at the counter or in the office. We love this quick moment shared in town, or the long hours spent watching people go alone or in a group

We love these moments of conviviality shared with friends and even with strangers. It's less a matter of taste - Russian roulette that bar coffee can be! –That a question of sharing.

So we are happy to see our friends the restaurateurs reopen their doors and have access to these terraces and we wish them a lot of courage for the recovery and give them all our support!

You can always go home afterwards and enjoy a Kabioca espresso - extracted in the rules of the art, the result of our work of selecting origins and a perfect mastery of roasting. A good and organic coffee. And finally, because this period has underlined our environmental impact - you will know that the Kabioca capsule, 100% natural and bio-based 4 stars is biodegradable and compostable.

Kabioca, live the moment, let's live the future.



The coffee break - The impact of COVID 19 on this practice

Cattherine GUAY

According to an IFOP study conducted for Nespresso Business Solutions, three-quarters of workers drink at least one coffee during their working day and almost one in two (47%) starts their working day with a cup of coffee.

At a time when deconfinement is gradually taking place, the offices are reopening and adapting to the "day after. Like video-aperitifs, employees everywhere have set up video-cafes." In their personal and professional life, everyone adapts.

In addition to the fundamental changes that will take place in society, at Kabioca we ask the question of how to combine conviviality and distancing. During confinement we tasted our coffees at home, some pushing the experience to share it with a neighbor on the landing or balcony.

Now that the return to work is possible, what about the coffee break? Will it be a holdover from the past? A tradition from a bygone era?

We hope not. And we are campaigning for the return of this practice and here is why:

First of all, we must remember the general instructions, as indicated in the website government, several reflexes should be adopted to protect yourself:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cough and sneeze into the elbow or a handkerchief
  • Use a single-use tissue
  • Greet from a distance, without contact
  • Respect a distance of one meter from your neighbor

By taking these precautions, and by scrupulously respecting them, you limit the risks in business and you can always share a coffee with colleagues, a moment of conviviality and precious exchange.

The capsules have a format perfectly suited to these practices. They minimize handling around the machine and between people. In addition, they avoid cross-contamination with a capsule pre-dosed in a protective atmosphere.

AWith Kabioca, you are ready for this new generation coffee break.

And it's worth it:

The coffee break is much more than a moment of conviviality, it is a privileged moment of exchange that allows so much. It is a vector of social links, by breaking down barriers between teams and hierarchy. Some even say that the coffee break can be a truce and ease tensions. Like what coffee does not irritate that much!

It is a moment when dialogue is facilitated, certainly a meter away now - but it is an informal moment when consensus is more easily obtained.

Finally, it is an opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, anecdotes and know-how - all more or less professional. This open-mindedness which animates the employees during this break makes it a real booster of creativity.

Like what, Kabioca is perhaps the coffee break today. Same but a little different. Always as practical, our capsule protects exceptional coffee from organic farming. Its 100% natural capsule is made up of more than 95% of renewable materials and energy. Finally, it is biodegradable and compostable - allowing this new coffee break to be a real step towards better environmental balance.